Saturday, March 28, 2009


The statistics given by N R Narayan Murthy chairman of Infosys are certainly an eye opener and make us all feel that we have miles to go. While I have to admit that India has made tremendous progress in Science & Technology, I also believe that most of it is need based and there is hardly any innovation or any major inventions have taken place on the Indian soil. We as Indians are certainly proud that India has made great advancements in Nuclear Technology, Space & Rocket Science, Telecommunications, Pharma sector, Information Technology and several other areas but we have been following the technology and innovations which are invented or innovated in other parts of the Globe. With so many talented and well qualified youth in the country why are we not thinking seriously about inverting new technologies and discovering the unrevealed secrets of the Universe. India is still a developing country and a lot needs to be done for the upliftment of rural population. We need to develop cheaper or affordable technologies for Safe & Pure drinking water, mass housing & Sanitation projects in the rural and even in urban areas, easily accessible primary & secondary education, and good quality affordable health care systems.

It is high time that the government of India forms a separate Science & Technology Mission, allocates a separate Expenditure Budget in five year plans and inducts geniuses like Mr. N R Narayan Murthy, Dr. Sam Pitroda, Ex. President Dr. Abdul Kalam, Dr. R A.Malshekar, and many other scientists from DRDO and Pharma sectors to lead and guide this mission. Prime minister Dr. Manmohan singh is also well known economist and he can definitely provide a positive leadership in this direction. Government of India should announce huge scholarships and other incentives to the merited youth who are pursuing specialised higher studies in the fields of Science, Technology & Economics. It can not be expected that government only should move forward and do everything to make it go but even private sectors will have to contribute in major way with their financial and other resources to make this programme a great success. These kind of concerted efforts for many years will probably bring may inventions and discoveries from the Indian soil.

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