Saturday, March 28, 2009


The world atmosphere today is constantly subjected to the abuse through increasing levels of Carbon Dioxide and other toxic gases released in to the atmosphere due to a high activity of Industrialization and increase in the consumption of fossil fuels. The Life on Earth also partly depends on a layer of ozone gas that spreads from the surface of the earth to about 10 to 25 miles above and surrounds the planet like an invisible, protective shield. Ozone a form of oxygen is selective in what it takes from the sunlight, screening out, through a process of atomic absorption, only the more energetic ultraviolet B rays while allowing the visible light and the warm Infrared rays to pass through. Toward the top, in the upper atmosphere, the stream of highly energetic Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun impinges on oxygen molecules (O2), splitting them into the two atoms of Oxygen. In a perpetual dance the molecules and the atoms of oxygen swirl together to form the Ozone and its chemical composition is O3.

While the increasing levels of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere is responsible for global worming, the effects of Chlorofluorocarbons ( CFC) compounds commonly known as the Freons and Bromofluorocarbons commonly known as the Halons are as disastrous as the Carbon Dioxide. CFCs and other contributory substances are commonly referred to as Ozone-Depleting Substances or ODS. Because of the photodisassociation process the Atomic Chlorine & Bromine separated from Freons & Halons are constantly released in to the earth’s atmosphere. These Atomic Chlorine & Bromine through the catalytic process are responsible for the depletion of the Ozone layer in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Most of us know that one of the constituents of sun light is Ultra Violet Rays. It is believed that Ultra Violet rays have the tendency to create a variety of biological disorders such as increase in the Skin Canncer, damages Protiens & DNA, Plants and Vegetation , and reduction of Plankton populations in the photic zones of the ocean. Since the ozone layer prevents most harmful wavelengths (270–315 nm) of Ultraviolet Light from passing through the Earth's atmosphere, it is therefore very essential that the Ozone layer in the Earth’s stratosphere remains protected. There is a worldwide concern about this leading to a special resolution passed by heads of states at Montreal which is known as the Montreal Protocol, banning the production of CFCs and halons as well as related ozone depleting chemicals.

While there is great effort in minimising the usages of Freons and other substances in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Aerosol industry, the use of CFCs in the developing world is hardly impacted. The alternative refrigerants developed which have much lower ozone depletion levels are not so popular because they are way too expensive and not accessible easily. What better options we have to this continuous abuse of the world’s atmosphere. How long we will be able to manage at this rate without a major impact and are we going to pass on the world full of life threatening dangers to our Future Generations …… JUST THINK ABOUT IT


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