Saturday, March 28, 2009


Q : What does a sustainable U.S. auto industry look like?

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“Sustainable ? How long is a big Question in every one's mind. Any amount of fresh capital infusion will probably not help it sustain till the industry as whole just do not think about Why Japanese car manufacturers are more successful and are steadily growing their business over the world. Japanese car manufacturers probably understand it well what consumer needs the most from a product and they have therefore focused on these 4 aspects. These are the Affordable Price, Dependability, Durability and the Fuel Efficiency. The 5th aspect which has emerged as the consequence of the first four is the Resale Value of all the Japanese cars.

Although all the american cars offer more confort and sturdier structures, in this highly competitive world, inspite being very patriotic, people ignore the sentiment and under economic compulsions have to opt for a product which leaves few spare dollars in their pockets. US Auto industry therefore should think about producing what people want and not think about selling what they can produce.


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