Friday, March 6, 2009


Q -FROM MBA STUDENT - I am working in retail field FMCG and i am doing my MBA inManipal university. My question is in which field i can takespecilazition ?

Marketing is certainly the flavor of the day. Most MBA aspirants are looking for specialisations in Marketing these days. Talking about the Retail let ussay that Retail sector in India has just made a begining and has a long way to go. With around a billion in population and increasing per capita income retail sector in India is not only going to generate millions of jobs but will also be the biggest booming sector India has ever seen so far. Like in USA & Europe, theme retailing and other sector specific reatiling has not even started so far in India but I suppose the days are not very far when this will happen. Corporate world that time will be looking for highly specialised people in Marketing, Product & Brand Management, PubliciTy fields etc. ThePeople with Specialised fields in marketing will therefore have plenty of opportunities and scope for growth in coming years.


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