Friday, March 6, 2009


Q-As a beginner what is the best book/link to get trained inonline-trading in equitities?

If you are a beginner I suggest that first of all you identify and short list 4-5 stocks for your online trading. Initially I suggest you trade in stable & less volatile stocks like Hind Unilever, ITC etc. After you have mastered the trading techniques you can upgrade to volatile stocks. Most of the Professional Traders prefer trading in highly volatile stocks where gains are high but risks are much higher. Let me ALERT you that this is a very risky proposition and most of the young traders end up losing their money. Do not trade with "MARGIN" money and try to trade with what ever small amount you can manage. Try to exit with small gains initially and when you build up a holding capacity you can think about higher gains. All the wellknown on line brokerages like ICICIDIRECT, KOTAK, AXIS bank, Sharekhan and sites like MoneyControl have ample of information & tutorials available on their websites. Many TV channels like CNBC India & NDTV Profit also provide lots of information.


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